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Attention to detail. Collaboration. Comprehensive Services. These are the pillars on which we have built our reputation upon. Here at Davel Engineering, we understand that in order to get the job done right, we need to take the time to listen to your needs and specifications, ask questions, and understand your project from the conceptual stages to the final phase.

Located in Menasha, WI, we serve communities in Fox Valley and all of Northeast Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

Experience Matters

Our experienced team has the know-how and experience you deserve. Projects can present numerous hurdles along the way. We have seen and worked on it all and can protect you from project delays and unexpected costs whenever possible.

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No Project Too Big or Too Small

Whether your development is residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional, we can help. We provide upfront, firm quotes on most projects and offer competitive rates and pricing for our clients.

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“John Davel is one of the most honest, and patient people I have had the pleasure of working with. From the first time I met with him to determine whether or not I wanted to buy land and get into land development, I had a comfort level with John that made my decision to hire Davel Engineering an easy one…. He has never let me down.”

– Glen S.

“I have used Davel Engineering as my engineer/surveyor since 1999…. I have done many projects with them over the years with a variety of partners. I always tell my potential partners that I am not interested in pursuing a project unless we can agree that Davel will be the engineer on the project.”

– Tom D.

“Davel Engineering is a true team player always going the extra mile to complete projects on time and on budget. Great first impression for my clients at the start of a project.”

– John H.

“They listen up front and get a very thorough understanding of the project. We’ve worked with larger firms where mistakes in understanding the scope and details of the project have led to project delays and increased costs.”

– Rick F.

“Great communication and follow up. We have access to all members of the firm and questions are answered immediately.”

– Chuck T.

“They are very hands-on, and provide personalized service. There’s more attention to details and as a result, fewer mistakes.”

– Steve S.

“I have worked with John Davel since before he began his company. He has guided my real estate development projects through many pre-purchases, design, approval, and regulatory issues, including DNR/wetlands solutions, bidding, and construction successes. Great personal attention and is accessible. Over a dozen large projects including land developments and condominiums.”

– Robert H.

“Wonderful people to work with! A brilliant team of professionals who make a special effort to achieve client goals.”

– Katie D.


For more information about how we can serve you, please contact us at 920-991-1866. To us, each project is unique, and we work hard to provide excellence at a reasonable cost.

For more information about how we can serve you, please contact us at 920-991-1866. To us, each project is unique, and we work hard to provide excellence at a reasonable cost.

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